qPCR反應試劑套組 / ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit

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詳細 資訊

ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit

The ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit is a Taqman probe-based real-time PCR assay for the detection of Canine babesiosis genome in clinical blood samples.

Babesiosis is worldwide recognized protozoal infection which causes fever, haemolytic anaemia and haemoglobinuria, mainly in cattle, dogs and horses. Canine babesiosis is classified into large and small forms. Babesia canis, B. vogeli and B. rossi are the main causes of large Babesia infection. The smaller parasite includes Babesia gibsoni and B. annae. These species of Babesia are transmitted by different tick vectors and differ in pathogenicity and geographic distribution. The parasites can also be transmitted via blood transfusion, dog bites and vertical transmission from mother to the offspring. Young dogs are more prone to suffering the disease although all age of dogs can be infected. Severity of the disease and clinical signs vary depending on the parasite species. However, they mainly parasitize the red blood cells of the dogs, causing progressive anemia. Classical diagnosis method is based on blood smears presentation of parasite, but this method is less sensitive in detecting low parasitemia in chronic cases. Therefore, real time PCR can be an effective tool to overcome this shortcoming. Dimiazene aceturate is the most commonly used treatment but re-infection with B. gibsoni is common and so treatment should be repeated, alongside with the supportive therapy such as intravenous fluid replacement and blood transfusion.

ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit is intended for research use only.

Kit Component

  • C. babesiosis Primers and Probe Mix (C. babesiosis PPM)
  • Positive Control
  • Internal Extraction Control Primers and Probe Mix (IEC PPM)
  • Internal Extraction Control (IEC DNA)
  • Nuclease Free Water
  • Template Preparation Buffer

Product Specification

Technology Taqman probe-based real-time PCR assay
Type of Nucleic Acid Kit RNA
Kit Storage Shipped in room temperature, store at -20℃ on arrival
Sample Material Clinical samples (e.g. blood)
Gene Target 18S ribosomal gene
Detection Limit 10 to <100 copies per reaction
Sensitivity & Specificity Ct value 28±3 with probability of 95%
Controls Included • Internal Extraction Control (IEC) as inhibition control
• Positive control
Channels • FAM channels detect pathogen amplicons
• VIC/HEX channel detects IEC amplicons

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
QV2002 ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit 150 reactions


ViPrimePLUS Canine babesiosis qPCR Kit