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培養基與添加物 / Potassium Tellurite 3.5% (1 ml per vial) for Baird Parker Agar Base

型號: FD047-5VL
規格: 5VAIL
產地: 印度
報價: 1,320 元
運費: 以PDF報價單為準
交期: 期貨,下個月到貨
供應商: 良知股份有限公司
聯絡電話: 02-26518190

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詳細 資訊

Potassium Tellurite 3.5% (1 ml per vial) FD047

Recommended for the selective isolation of Staphylococci and Corynebacteria.


Per vial sufficient for medium as specified in direction. Ingredients Concentration Potassium tellurite 0.350g Distilled water 1ml


Warm up the refrigerated contents of one vial to 45-50ºC. Add aseptically 9 ml sterile distilled water, mix well and add 3 ml in 950 ml sterile, molten, cooled (45-50ºC) Baird Parker Agar Base M043 / M043S / Baird Parker HiVeg™ Agar Base MV043 / Baird Parker Agar Base w/ Sulpha M1140 along with 50 ml Concentrated Egg Yolk Emulsion FD045 or 10 ml in 1000 ml Hoyle Medium Base M015 / Hoyle HiVeg™ Medium Base MV015 alongwith 50 ml of laked blood. Mix well and pour into sterile petri plates.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at 2-8°C. Use before expiry period on the label.